GY$1M given to Rotary Club of Georgetown

Searice Guyana donation to The Rotary Club
Mohamed Ali (right) presenting the
Searice Guyana donation to The Rotary Club.

The Rotary Club of Georgetown recently received a donation of GY$1M from Searice Guyana Inc. to provide assistance to an East Coast Demerara resident.

At the Georgetown Club meeting in August, Mohamed Ali, the Operations Manager for Searice Guyana Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation, presented the check to the Non-Governmental- Organization (NGO)’s President, Harry Parmesar.

Doug Chappels, General Manager for Searice Guyana Inc., explained that the money will be used to make adjustments to the home of Sean Peters. Peters was injured in a work-related accident four years ago, which left him partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.  He is currently receiving ongoing treatment so that he can regain the use of his legs.

Since his accident, Peters attended a course in Home Electrical Appliance Repair and is now qualified in this field. The donation made by Searice Guyana Inc. will provide financial assistance to make certain modifications to his home that will allow him to set up a business to repair appliances and other items.

Parmesar thanked the company for the faith they have in the Rotary Club of Georgetown and assured Chappels that the project will be completed in a timely manner.