CCLD Medical Center thrives in Bas Congo

During a recent trip to the Congo, Ralph Moss, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for Seaboard, visited the CCLD Medical Center in Matadi. He visited the maternity ward with the children first born there, now both two years old. The children are twins, named Harry Bresky and Steve Bresky by their parents in appreciation for the benefactors.

The maternity ward was added to the medical center in 2008, financed by the Bresky Foundation, Midema, which is a Seaboard milling subsidiary of the Seaboard Overseas Group. The clinic is the largest, and most sophisticated, medical facility in the Bas Congo which covers 20,000 square miles and includes more than four million people. The clinic serves more than 23,000 patients per year and provides treatment for individuals of all financial means, including those unable to pay.