Butterball provides assistance in aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Eastern North Carolina was among the areas recently devastated by the impact of Hurricane Matthew; resulting in loss of life, damage to property, significant flooding, and widespread power outages.  Butterball stepped forward to provide assistance to its own employees, as well as effected area communities.  Kerry C. Doughty,  President & CEO of Butterball, LLC, recently described some of the company’s efforts in the narrative below.

It’s been a very tough week here. In spite of lack of national coverage due to focus on election politics,  North Carolina was hit extremely hard. While our people are ok and our plants went unscathed, for the most part, the flooding has caused havoc in our grow-out operations, on our farms, and in our plant’s ability to operate. Most important is the impact on our team members who have suffered dramatic losses, both on the home side and in lost wages. There has been an outcry for food, water and basic necessities in many areas of not only our operations, but all of eastern North Carolina. We have been aggressive in trying to address our team members’ needs during this time.  Here are a few of the things we have approved and supported:

Twenty thousand pound donation of raw roast to Operation BBQ Relief. With help from Chef Tony and logistics, it was delivered to Fayetteville yesterday where the team has been deployed all week feeding meals to the needy. This will provide approximately 50,000-60,000 meals.

  • Twenty thousand pound donation of CT Cooked Deli Breast to Feeding America Food Bank, in Raleigh, for distribution to local food banks and Catholic Charities that are engaged in providing meals to needy families.
  • Today we are providing a truck load of bottled water to both Raeford and Mt. Olive for distribution to team members there. In addition, we are working with the local Costco and vendors to put a care box together for over 3,200 Raeford and Mt. Olive live operations and production plant team members. The care boxes will consist of:
    • Personal toiletries, toilet paper and paper towels
    • Soup, canned tuna, canned beef, fruit cocktail, beef stew, crackers, etc.
    • Breakfast bars, cookies, and assorted snacks
  • In addition, we opened up the cafeteria at Mt. Olive to provide free, hot meals to all associates for the entire week and we’re providing box lunches to team members at Raeford this week.

Attendance has improved each day; yesterday reaching 50-60% at the plant location. We processed thirty-seven thousand birds yesterday (normal is sixty thousand) and expect today to be better with improved attendance. Both plants will be working Saturday and Sunday.  Customers have been very supportive and understanding of our situation and how it impacts their service and deliveries. We are hoping to be somewhat back to normal capacity by the middle of next week, in terms of production and order fill.

The passion for helping others in needy situations, across all platforms, is obvious and very gratifying here at Butterball. Our people are the difference, and we are fortunate to have them.